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Increased The Online Presence of Gajmilk Through Digital Marketing

Gajmilk, a leading FMCG brand, is transforming perceptions of services with digital innovation. By harnessing the power of technology, they’ve significantly improved their online presence, offering a seamless digital experience that aligns with their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in the dairy industry.

The digital marketing efforts led to a significant increase in Gajmilk online presence, with improved brand awareness, engagement, and customer interactions. Website traffic and search engine rankings also saw notable enhancements, contributing to overall business growth and success.


(17 May 2023) to (31 December 2023)

As Digital Retina, we are thrilled to share our successful journey with Gaj Milk, the stalwart of quality dairy products. Our strategic digital growth plan has yielded remarkable results. With smart ad spending of around Rs. 30,000, we’ve reached approximately 6 lakh accounts, driving active conversation with over 1257 messaging interactions. Our social media strategy across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn has not just amplified brand visibility but spurred formidable growth: a staggering 44,000% surge in accounts reached and a 1523% boost in engagement on Instagram. This vigorous strategy has also accrued around 33,000 paid followers for Gaj Milk. Moreover, our team crafted an appealing website, closely aligned
with Gaj Milk’s branding guidelines, providing a platform for customers to interact with the brand seamlessly. Fueled by these triumphs, we are brimming with innovative strategies for further brand awareness and sales growth for Gaj Milk. With our combined efforts, the next month promises an exciting growth trajectory

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